In today’s fast-paced business where service and support are often overlooked for the best price. We thought we would share a story from one of our team members. He was raised on a family farm where discipline, commitment, community and family were a way of life. These life lessons did not come easy especially as a teenager and if you have ever worked on a farm summer is a busy time.

His dad was one of the few full-time farmers left so his neighbours and uncle had beef cattle so they worked out during the day. Every summer they would cut, rake, bale the hay then load the bales on 6 wagons. They would load over a thousand hay bales a day and as a teenager, if you had a choose between working in a hay field or going to the beach it was a simple choice or was it?? One day he was sooo sick of doing hay he barked out at his dad why are we are doing uncle Joe’s hay every year when it’s not our farm. His father looked at him and replied:

He is my brother and your uncle!!

Deep down he knew his dad was right.

The next week they had 6 full wagons full hay that needed to be loaded into the barn and a storm was on its way. They started loading the hay into the barn when 6 cars came into the driveway, it was his cousins and neighbours. They jumped out of the cars and helped them load the hay into the barn before the rain came. Once they were done he looked at his my dad and he just smiled, he knew our neighbours would be there when we needed them.

This takes us to today’s topic.

Salesperson or Consultant

Over the years we have seen dealers and sales reps come and go. The best ones take a partnership approach where they work with their customers to identify their pain then provide a solution. How do you identify the good ones from the cheesy sales reps??

Do they:

Ask questions about your business so they understand your requirements?

Listen to you or just talk down to you?

Explain the ROI of their solution as it applies to your business?

Value your input/opinion.

Provide several possible solutions

Explain advantages

Explain restrictions/limitations

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. They may offer promotions and slash prices, but unless they provide good service for the life of the contract you are not be getting your money’s worth.

Remember the lowest price does not mean the best value.

As a customer, I prefer doing business with somebody I trust like a neighbour or friend.


ECS Digital Solutions team