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Productivity & Performance

Sharp devices are designed to help increase document workflow and provide exceptional image quality. Sharp MFDs are easy to operate, control, monitor, manage and maintain; helping take your business to the next level of productivity and performance.

Advanced Features

Sharp models include intuitive & time-saving features to
help you work more efficiently.

Intuitive & Customizable Touchscreen Display
  • Built-in Retractable Keyboard
  • USB Port for Walk-up Printing
  • Standard Copy, Print & Scan Functionality
  • Scan2 Technology for Fast Scanning of Double-sided Documents
  • Standard Security Features


Prestigious BLI 2015 Pick of the Year

Samsung’s line-up continue to be a leader in the print industry. Samsung is credited for their reliability, robust design, strong performance, cost and energy efficiency, environmentally friendly features, and ease of use.

Advanced Features

Samsung models come with a number of built-in features enabling your business to work fast and efficiently.

  • SMART UX Center 2.0 features an 90°-pivoting, touch-to-print display screen for easy use, and is compatible with various Android™-based devices.
  • Users can connect and print with ease using advanced NFC technology. Simply tap, then print, scan or fax documents from any NFC-supported mobile device.
  • Multi-function models come with a number of built-in features enabling your business to work fast and efficiently.
  • Samsung’s polymerized toner improves your output several ways. It features smaller and more uniform particles than conventional toner, for crisper lines and more vivid colours. It eliminates paper curling. Its higher wax content adds a rich glossiness to images while preventing fading. Lower fusing temperature saves energy and wear.
  • Office productivity increases dramatically with fast printing and scanning capabilities. A fully integrated 1GHz Dual Core processor handles large print and copy jobs faster, as well as scan throughput. In fact, every task is completed up to 1.5 times quicker, so you can spend more time producing and less time waiting.
  • XOA (Open Architecture Platform) The Samsung CLX-9201NA, 9251NA and 9301NA MFPs connect to your line-of-business applications through the unique Open Architecture Platform (XOA). Based on open standards, XOA allows third-party vendors to create embedded applications that multiply the MFP’s capabilities, in order to improve business processes

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