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PostBase is a new breed of postage meter raising the bar for simplicity, flexibility and good looks. Sporting an intuitive touch screen, smooth jam-free operation, “simple-sleek” appearance and scalable options. PostBase is a remarkably good fit for nearly any small-to-mid size business. Three available processing speeds and numerous accessories. You’ll find a PostBase configuration that not only meets your current needs but easily adapts to your business’s growth.

Advanced Features

  • Its one of a kind touch screen makes PostBase amazingly easy to use.
  • Change processing speed a simple software download.
  • Integrated 7kg or interfaced 10, 20 & 35kg scale automatically sets accurate postage amounts.
  • Available automatic feeder/sealer dramatically reduces the time and effort required to process mail.
  • Integrated label dispenser makes it easy to apply postage on packages.
  • Whisper-quiet, smooth operation makes PostBase a pleasurable addition to your office.
  • Add customizable message and ads to your indicia.
  • Included PC software allows numerous postage presets, accounting and reporting options.

Is the cost of Postage out of control

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